Meet Ed Balls, friend of the Lib Dems

Ed Balls, going nowhere.

Ed Balls latest desperate attempt to find somebody who is willing to vote for him for leader is an interview with Labour cheerleader Polly Toynbee. In it he claims that he would be happy to sit in a cabinet with the Lib Dems.

Is Ed Balls coming the the realisation that the Labour party does not want him? I'm wondering if this could be an early step preparing for a defection to the Lib Dems. I can't find any other explanation for his sudden love of the Lib Dems.

Somehow I'm not sure that the Lib Dems would want to sit in the cabinet with Ed Balls, or most Labour MPs for that matter. Labour have gone out of their way to single out the Lib Dems for attack for joining the Conservatives in coalition.

Labour have a history of love bombing the Lib Dems before an election, only to dump on them after the election result has been declared. I'm sure that the Lib Dems have not forgotten that Tony Blair offered them a change of the electoral system in 1997, only to be let down when Blair got a landslide and didn't need their help. Will the Lib Dems forgive Labour if they fight against the AV referendum after Labour made such a big deal out of supporting AV in the weeks leading up to the last election when it looked like their only chance was a coalition with the Lib Dems.

Ed Balls says that he would campaign for replacing first past the post with AV "if it were done properly". Considering the fact that the AV referendum is being introduced by the Lib Dem leader, who he now wants to share a cabinet table with, I can't understand how he can say "the way Nick Clegg and David Cameron are going about this is not right".

So does Ed support AV or not? Even Ed doesn't know, as he has said he will be campaigning against it even though he says he supports it. Ed has a history of being on both sides of the fence over AV. Before the election he was a known supporter of AV, but fought against it being included in the manifesto because a lot of Labour MPs were against it and he knew a leadership election was on the horizon.

The last nuget of information explains a lot about Ed Ball's personality. He says
"The truth is, I always wanted to be part of Tony Blair's team but the trouble was, that sense of [being] 'Blair' or 'Brown' defined how Gordon saw the world, how Tony saw the world, from those very early stages."

So it seems that the fact that he was a major player in Gordon Brown's putsh to remove Tony Blair was due to him feeling rejected by Tony. How do you think he will handle being rejected by the whole Labour party?

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