We need an end to tent cities

The Occupy protests world wide are under thread of eviction. Their tent cities are being cleared.

Maybe now is the time to look at whether occupying our cities is really helping.

In London they are quite happy in their tent city

They have even become a minor tourist attraction, although the bottles of piss probably turn away more visitors than it attracts.

They continue their protest in the original city at Occupy Wall Street

Elsewhere in American middle class kids live in tent cities to listen to music.

Meanwhile in other American cities like Reno..

And Sacremento...

People are living in tent cities because they were made homeless by the recession.

This is nothing new. It happened in the Great Depression too.

In Haiti they live in tent cities because their homes were washed away

In India they live in tent cities because they are really poor.

These pictures all look very similar. If I hadn't given you labels then I'm not sure you could tell which was which without a close inspection.

The Occupy movement is not about poverty, it is about some social rejects trying to get out of paying their fair share of taxes.

The Occupy movement is not about jobs, it is about trying to tax the people who create jobs.

If the Occupy movement want to help then they should be setting up soup kitchens for the poor, not taking donations away from a church.

We need an end the scandal of tent cities in countries all over the world, and by that I mean the real tent cities that hold really poor people, not a bunch of social rejects with too much time on their hands.

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